Welcome to the City of Ottawa’s Outdoor Rink Information Session

For Parks, Recreation and Culture Department

As an OUTDOOR RINK VOLUNTEER you hold an important role as a front line worker and information provider. This online course will provide you with an overview of the City of Ottawa’s guidelines and your responsibilities as a rink provider.

You will have the opportunity to acquire all pertinent information required to effectively manage an Outdoor Rink Surface, subsequently leading to a successful season again this year.

The key concepts covered include: The diversity of types of rinks in Ottawa and the responsibilities of the contractors in managing them.

We also have added a You Tube video on HOCKEY DAY in Canada event which we will be calling The SUN HOCKEY DAY IN OTTAWA this year. We are sponsored by The Sun.

You will also be able to clearly understand and identify the role you play in making the City of Ottawa a more viable city with wonderful rinks and carnivals throughout our winter seasons here in the Capital!

It’s a pleasure working with all of you and the Seasonal Recreation Team wishes you a very successful rink season! Please call us at 613-580-2590 if you have questions or concerns.