Personal Services Settings (PSS) refer to those businesses that provide hairstyling and barbering, tattooing, micropigmentation, ear and body piercing, electrolysis, manicure and pedicure or aesthetics services to the public. The PSS training offers you information on general infection prevention and control best practices (IPAC), and allows you to select service-specific modules for the services you offer. This training is filled with interesting and informative facts to help you understand IPAC concepts as they apply to your business.

While OPH recognizes your experience as personal service workers or (PSWs), it is essential to know how to protect yourself and your client from getting infections, as all clients could potentially be infectious. Simple steps can be taken to reduce the risk of spreading and/or contracting blood-borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or other infectious agents such as bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi.

The training also includes an overview of the role of the Public Health Inspector and what would be considered during an inspection. The training takes you through the various requirements of the Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices at Personal Services Settings and allows you to test your knowledge with quizzes.