***A note to City employees not to take the External Contractor / Consultant training

Please note that if you are an employee directly employed by the City of Ottawa (not through a third party such as a consulting firm), you are asked to take the AODA training linked from the home page of ulearn.ottawa.ca – NOT this training.

“Contractors may access the Province’s training in Accessible Customer Service and the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation via Ulearn. Contractors must ensure that appropriate people have been trained. Contractors must keep records of all training, including dates when training was provided, the number of employees who received training and individual training records for their business. Contractors are required to make this information available to the City and/or the Province upon request. ”


Welcome to "One City, Two Languages" eLearning Modules

French Language Services has developed, with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage, this series of four interactive modules which you are about to experience.

These tools will help support quality services in both official languages and lead to a better understanding of Ottawa’s Francophone community.

Modules can be viewed individually, in any order or done chronologically, all in the same sitting. Each module lasts approximately 10 to 20 minutes and is interspersed with interactive activities, useful information, humorous videos, concepts and tools to support users in the integration of presented learning material. Each module ends with a “Coffee Break” which consists of useful common idiomatic expressions accompanied by textual, visual and auditory presentation.