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Thank you for participating in this short employee engagement survey. We’re looking for your feedback on employee job satisfaction, commitment, pride, innovation, decision making, development and leadership to help the organization move forward and better support you.

Merci de répondre à ce bref sondage sur l’engagement des employés. Nous souhaitons connaître votre opinion concernant la satisfaction professionnelle des employés, l’engagement, la fierté, l’innovation, la prise de décisions, le perfectionnement et le leadership pour nous aider à faire progresser l’organisation et à mieux soutenir nos employés.


***Staff working with children are required to complete this course annually.

It is important to be aware of the signs that may indicate that a child is being abused.  Employees will  learn:

  • Types of child abuse;
  • How to identify the signs when a child is being abused;
  • The steps to take for reporting suspected child abuse.

You are about to enrol in the 2018 CORE Recertification Training Course.

Before you enrol, please make sure that you have previously attended an In Class CORE Training session. If you have not yet completed an In Class CORE training course, please speak to your Supervisor. 

This Recertification is required annually for all Part Time employees.


Employees who work with children in extended recreation programs (includes camps, after school programs) are required to complete this training on an annual basis. 

Employees will learn:

  • The reasons why children act out and/or misbehave
  • Steps to reaching effective discipline.  

All new Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services employees are required to complete this course within 30 days of hire and before attending in-class Core Training. 

This training will provide you with the information you need to ensure your family is prepared for potential emergencies and has the necessarily emergency plans and kits in place to survive in your home for up to 72 hours.  City of Ottawa staff may be called to assist the community in times of emergency, so ensure your family is taken care of first by being prepared.


This training is mandatory on an annual basis for staff working outdoors during the summer months. Employees will learn how to protect themselves from the sun inclulding sunscreen application, and heat emergencies. 

Welcome to the City of Ottawa’s Outdoor Rink Information Session

For Parks, Recreation and Culture Department

As an OUTDOOR RINK VOLUNTEER you hold an important role as a front line worker and information provider. This online course will provide you with an overview of the City of Ottawa’s guidelines and your responsibilities as a rink provider.

You will have the opportunity to acquire all pertinent information required to effectively manage an Outdoor Rink Surface, subsequently leading to a successful season again this year.

The key concepts covered include: The diversity of types of rinks in Ottawa and the responsibilities of the contractors in managing them.

We also have added a You Tube video on HOCKEY DAY in Canada event which we will be calling The SUN HOCKEY DAY IN OTTAWA this year. We are sponsored by The Sun.

You will also be able to clearly understand and identify the role you play in making the City of Ottawa a more viable city with wonderful rinks and carnivals throughout our winter seasons here in the Capital!

It’s a pleasure working with all of you and the Seasonal Recreation Team wishes you a very successful rink season! Please call us at 613-580-2590 if you have questions or concerns.

Welcome to Ottawa's Renewed Smoke-Free Regulations Orientation for Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

As an employee you hold an important role as a front line worker and information provider This online course will provide you with an overview of the City of Ottawa’s renewed Smoke-Free regulations in effect since April 2, 2012.

You will have the opportunity to explore your values and attitudes related to tobacco use, increase your knowledge on second hand smoke, and also learn the goals of Ottawa’s smoke-free strategy. You will also receive contact numbers to assist you with the renewed Smoke- Free strategy .